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Can't take my eyes off you

 tl;dr - At the end of the school year 2021/22 we installed an all-sky camera on the roof of our school building. For over three weeks now the gadget has reliably delivered live images of the day and night sky. Our main goal is to catch some impressive meteors and bolides. A few weeks ago we were finally able to set an end to a year-long struggle and installed our DIY all-sky camera on the roof of our school building. The first steps of this project were already made back in December 2019, but soon after, the Corona virus made its dreadful appearance on the global stage and the pandemic showed to be a hard-to-shake-off millstone around the neck of the endeavor.  Now, however, we are past the first test phase of the cam and everything seems to run smoothly. Let us get you acquainted with what we have.  We proudly present our all-sky camera!  In the image you see the fisheye lens (Fujinon 2.7mm), the video camera (ASI 174MM) and the Raspberry Pi 4B along with the waterproof housing. The