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Against stellar distancing - Astrocusanus goes remote!

 After a gap year our students' astronomy group is back in business!  It is true, the hassle of the Covid pandemic has thwarted even our keenest and most devoted members for a while. However, the halt was only temporary and now, in the midst of the second wave, we have successfully overcome the painful 'stellar distancing'. You ask how we managed to do so, although the curfew hooks its cruel claws still into us? We went remote! Ever since its installation we have kindly been allowed to use the observatory 'torretta' on the roof of our neighboring school 'Istitituto Plurocomprensivo Brunico', an opportunity for which we are infinitely grateful. So far we have only used it occasionally for lunar and solar observations, now are attempting our first dives into deep space.  Fig. 1: Torretta observatory in action. The telescope is a 6-inch refractor with a  focal length of 1000mm on a GM2000QCI mount. A Starlight Xpress Trius SX694 cam with color filter wheel is a